Spare Change named one of the top five feminist books of 2016

Iona Bain

I’m delighted to say that my first book Spare Change, published by Hardie Grant this year, has been named one of the “most exciting” feminist books of the year by The Independent.

In a transatlantic list that also includes works by Caitlin Moran and Laura Bates, the founder of the Everyday Sexism project, Spare Change has been chosen by the Independent as a must-have book for every millennial feminist to buy this year.

Quite why I haven’t discovered this until now is a puzzle but it’s an honour and I’m very grateful to the Independent for recognising Spare Change in this way!

Journalist Rachel Revesz says that money management is possibly “the biggest issue for a good portion of female millennials today” and says Spare Change will help empower women to continue writing about women by ensuring their financial independence.

Here’s what was said:
Women often write about being women, but what will empower women to continue writing about being women?

Money. And women writing about money, educating others to take steps to manage their own finances and thereby guarantee their independence – particularly young women – can be really powerful.

Funny then, why women’s magazines so often lack any advice or tips on the subject.

Enter Iona Bain, journalist and founder of the Young Money Blog, following the likes of Evening Standard business journalist and six-time author Lucy Tobin. Ms Bain’s book, Spare Change, aims to help readers get the most from their finances, how to save, how to socialise on a budget, how to make an action plan and analyse their own relationship with money.

Money and how to manage it is possibly the biggest issue for a good portion of female millennials today.

To read the rest of the list, click here and to buy your copy of Spare Change, click here.

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