SCOOP: TalkTalk apologises for £153 email sting

TalkTalk has apologised to Young Money Blog for a marketing email which offered customers a ‘one click’ renewal of their broadband contracts – something that would cost £153 more than if they renewed through their online accounts.

Clicking on the button within the email would have locked customers into a £33.50 a month deal for 18 months on their Faster Fibre Broadband.

However, the same deal was available through customers online accounts under the Renew contract button for £25 a month instead – a saving of £153.

This is Money was alerted to the error by Iona Bain of the Young Money Blog.

Bain tweeted about the incident after receiving the email that promised to save her £45 over 18 months and noticing the massive price difference between the online deal and the ‘one click’ offer.

TalkTalk responded by saying: ‘We do apologise for this e-mail, our marketing team is now reviewing this.’

Both the Advertising Standards Authority and Ofcom are now investigating the email.

You can read the full story here.

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