Protect yourself, don’t wreck yourself: my recent COVER webinar

In January, it is cold, the nation is skint and back to work after Christmas. Blue Monday is considered by some to be the most depressing day of the year. A lot of us make resolutions to work off the Xmas pudding, save money and cut out the booze. How can financial protection support individuals during this bleak time of year?

A huge proportion of the UK workforce is vulnerable to a financial shock or loss of income. Money is a source of stress and anxiety for many people, including millennials. How can providers help individuals manage their money better?

Mental health is the most common reason for an income protection claim. Disclosure of mental ill-health continues to rise, especially among young people working. What services and techniques are available to help people suffering from poor mental health through protection providers?

Changing habits, getting active and keeping fit is on the agenda of many people in January. How can financial protection support wellness, improve diets and prevent health problems occurring later down the line?

I recently took part in COVER Magazine webinar called ‘Broke and feeling blue: The benefits of financial protection’ alongside an expert panel and COVER editor Adam Saville in the interviewer’s chair. Here’s what we chatted about…

  • How can financial protection support offer a safety net to individuals during this bleak time of year?
  • The role of financial protection in helping individuals manage their money better.
  • Exploring early intervention, preventative techniques and support services available through providers to support mental wellness.
  • How financial protection providers can support wellness, improve diets and prevent health problems occurring later down the line.

WATCH THE WEBINAR HERE. You will be required to register for free with COVER to watch the webinar, but it’s highly recommended.

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