Young Money Show launches on Share Radio!

Iona Bain & Georgie Frost co-hosted the first weekly programme between 9 and 10 a.m. today as part of the station’s Consumer show

Iona kicked off with her own moneysaving tip wash your clothes on 30 c not 90c ‘because we don’t all work down a coal mine’

A report out today says that only 16 % of under 34s will be homeowners in 5 years time, almost half the 28% now

‘Shocking’ says Iona, young people crave property ownership because they want security, and in many cases they are paying a high price for the freedom of renting

Open up economic opportunities outside London & south-east for young people to ease the pressure on housing demand, Iona says

Poppy profiteers banned by eBay – on the re-sellers of £25 ceramic poppies from the Tower installation, Iona says: ‘Not everything has to be about money and the opportunity to make a quick buck….Hats off to eBay who will cancel any sale – it’s the right thing to do in this instance.’

*Iona is co-organising a Remembrance Event at St Cuthberts Church, Earls Court, on Sunday evening. Music by Vaughan Williams, Butterworth, Ravel, poems by Owen, Brooke. Gospel choir and orchestra. Art exhibition. Proceeds to Royal British Legion. 7pm, all welcome.

Back on the Young Money Show, Iona:

*endorsed local high street shopping

* called for zero tolerance on drink-driving among young people – ‘if in doubt leave it out’

*warned that financial education may get pushed off the school curriculum unless teachers champion the subject

*supported the ‘big picture’ approach to teaching young people about money – awareness of their own attitudes and behaviours

*said employers face too much red tape in taking on apprentices – that should be sorted out

*reassured that saving even a small amount each month is better than nothing and could make a big difference to your peace of mind

*warned that social media pressures mean young people can sleepwalk into overspending

*reminded young people that commercial tuition fees have made university a commercial transaction, and they should get the service they pay for

Iona also reminded under-26s they should have a 16-25 Railcard if they travel by train, and that it can be put onto London Oystercards – thanks to immediate tweet from @MartinOyster saying older students can get railcards if in full-time education

Young Money Show rolls again Friday November 14 at 0900 on Share Radio – so stay tuned!

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