Why it pays to take an interest in your MP’s “business” affairs…

Norma Bain

I am writing this is a constituent of Michelle Thomson, the newly elected SNP member of parliament for Edinburgh West.

Shortly before the general election, we started to get the leaflets through the door from all the parties. Thomson’s leaflet said that she was “business woman”. I and several of our neighbours didn’t know what kind of “business” this was.

Well…we ken the noo!

According to a Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal ruling, Thomson was buying and selling houses (that’s homes to you and me) alongside a dodgy solicitor who has been struck off for 13 transactions, all of which also involved Thomson and M&F Property Solutions, in which she was a partner.

The ruling states that Hales (the solicitor) “must have been aware that there was a possibility he was facilitating mortgage fraud, whether or not this occurred”.

The Sunday Times revealed last week that Thomson and her husband had built up a property empire by buying homes at knockdown prices from people in financial hardship. Reports put her property portfolio at between 17 and 22 homes.

In one of the deals, a woman with cancer sold a house to do an intermediary for £64,000 who sold it to Thomson for £95,000 on the same day but she then received a “cash back” from the intermediary of £28,181. Thomson’s lawyer did not the inform the lender, the Mortgage Works, of this or other “back to back” transactions.

A spokesman for Thomson has said: “Michelle has always acted within the law.”

Nobody has managed to get to the bottom of what Thomson’s business actually involved…until now.

But one thing’s for sure; I will be taking a very keen interest in her business affairs in future – especially if she starts spouting about the housing crisis affecting young Scots.




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