Thirty unless it’s super dirty: my tip for the #Thriftyfamily campaign


As part of Scottish Friendly’s #Thriftyfamily campaign, I’ve been asked to share some of my choicest moneysaving tips – we’re going to focus on a super easy way to cut energy bills, plus five other helpful strategies

Laundry porn for the girls…

smeg washing machine - smeg you so smart, putting the sink with the washing machine, and so pretty is pastel too

And here’s one for the guys…

This is littarly the coolest washing machine EVER! #neon #want

These are some of the coolest washing machines ever. But (ironically) my post today is all hot hot hot…specifically, why do they make washing machines with ridiculously hot settings?

You know what I’m talking about: a 90 degree setting for all you people who must also have a time machine that takes you back to the 70s – when people worked down coal mines.

Unless you happen to be working or living in particularly dirty conditions, it is so not necessary to wash your clothes on such a high heat.

Why not make it your ambition to wash all clothes and linen on a 30 degree wash over the next month? You can save quite a bit on your utility bills and be an ecological hero to boot.

After all, keeping our homes cosy this winter will get a lot harder once the inevitable round of energy price hikes kicks in. The average family has seen costs of gas and electricity go up by 6 per cent, a chilling rise that’s driven many to switch off the heating altogether.

But don’t resort to drastic action if you can help it. As well as turning down your washing machine, here are 5 sensible ways to cut those soaring bills.

1  It’s pointless to have the central heating blasting away when nobody is at home. Make sure your timer only switches itself on when you need it to.  But always keep some heating on if you’re away from home in winter – burst pipes will be far more costly in the long run.

2  When you are in the house, turn down your thermostat one degree – keeping the temperature below 20 degrees can chop £55 off your heating bills a year. Pop on a cardigan or jumper if the temperature isn’t warm enough. Heating accounts for nearly half of all our energy costs so layer up to save a few pounds.   

3  You may have missed the boat on previous offers of free insulation from big energy companies. But it could be still be worth investing in. At a cost of £300, it should pay for itself in two years, since loft insulation slices about £175 off bills and cavity wall insulation another £125.

4  Put reflector panels behind your radiators. These silver sheets radiate heat back into your rooms and could shave 20% off your bills a year.

5  If you love a hot bath, make it a weekly, not daily, treat – and a five-minute shower would save you up to £20 a year on bills. Splash out on an energy-efficient showerhead – these are cheap to buy, yet save you around £75 a year.

And here’s one more extra tip for good measure:


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