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What these PAINFUL real-life interview stories can teach us…part 2

BY DAVID GRAVEs We can all learn to improve our interview technique – here are some more tips from david on how to avoid common mistakes… Interview catastrophe #4 – Don’t lie, you’ll probably be found out. It can be … Continue reading

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Why do bad interviews happen to good candidates? Part 1

By David Graves Few people can honestly say they’ve never replayed a faux pas in their head and groaned: “What was I thinking?” Everyone has moments they wish they could travel back in time to and change. But if the … Continue reading

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Why younger workers (and our economy) would benefit from flexible working

by iona bain It may have only been a year ago but, for many people, the London Olympics seems like a dim and distant dream. But will the notion of flexible working, which briefly flourished during this period, live longer … Continue reading

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Are ambitious pension goals realistic…or demoralising?

As auto-enrolment creeps up on young workers, should we resolve to make more active decisions about our financial future…or leave it up to fate? Iona bain The swirl of negative headlines surrounding the pensions industry, the latest being the £1.4m … Continue reading


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Getting young workers back on the job

Youth unemployment has officially dropped, but  many are  falling back on education and part-time work, with full-time careers remaining elusive. IONA LOOKS AT WHETHER TRAINING AND APPRENTICESHIPS COULD PROVIDE A DESPERATELY NEEDED REMEDY, PLUS DETAILS OF GOVERNMENT HELP YOU COULD … Continue reading

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