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Do women have it tougher than men in the workplace? REPORT from the 30 per cent club

Today, I went to an event organised by the 30 per cent Club on ‘nurturing young female talent’ in the UK – here’s what went down. The 30 per cent club was founded four years ago by Helena Morrissey, CEO … Continue reading

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The ABC of banking, accents…and blinking robots: this week on Share Radio’s Young Money Show

School banks and young people’s attitudes to money were centre stage this morning as Iona co-hosted the weekly Young Money Young Rights show on the newly-launched Share Radio. Iona began by reminding train travellers that they can claim for delayed … Continue reading

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Another victim of intergenerational warfare speaks out; inspiring words for the downtrodden young

On Thursday 14th August, newspaper readers found themselves wondering whether 20 somethings represent the “complacent generation”, thanks to an article which criticised the fantastical mentality of young bloggers. It was yet another futile missive in the phoney intergenerational war, which … Continue reading

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Can building societies help to educate youngsters about money?

The Building Societies Association asked me to look at whether the mutual sector will help to deliver the education curriculum mooted by the government earlier this year – here’s my verdict   Iona Bain It was an announcement made four … Continue reading


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Why money is the subject to REALLY master when you’re at school

Here are my short and (hopefully) sweet thoughts on why I think young people should get to grips with money, if nothing else, while they’re at school. It ties into a highly enterprising scheme I’m involved with called Money 4 … Continue reading

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Scottish schools urged to put teacher in charge of finance education

Iona Bain SAturday 16 February 2013 THE Coalition Government’s plans to make money lessons compulsory in England come four years after the Scottish Government vowed to build a curriculum that would instil some financial wisdom in younger generations. Financial education … Continue reading

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Growing Up – the Children’s Savings Plan turns 10

It’s 10 years since the launch of the Baillie Gifford Children’s Savings Plan.  Iona Bain looks at how both public and personal finances have changed over the past decade. http://www.bgtrustonline.com/articles/opinion/growing-up-the-childrens-savings-plan-turns-10-.aspx

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