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Who needs to change–the financial industry or their young consumers?

Iona Bain YOLO! That’s right – why think about tomorrow when you can live for today? Not every young person is enamoured with this type of Twitter speak, judging by straw polls of my friends in recent years, but it … Continue reading

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What to consider BEFORE you invest – guest tips from Nutmeg

I was recently contacted on Twitter by a young lady who wanted to know more about Nutmeg, an online investment manager. As well as giving her my own views on whether investing is ever suitable for young people, I thought … Continue reading

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My Christmas Manifesto PART TWO: The easiest ways to be ethical and charitable this year

You don’t have to be a wealthy philanthropist to give to charity this Christmas – here are some clever and easy ways to donate this festive season. By Iona Bain Christmas is just around the corner, and many young people … Continue reading

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Footie and cash might not make for a dream team–so what should youngsters do with their savings?

many SAVINGS ACCOUNTS LINKED TO FOOTBALL CLUBS ARE raking in the cash but paying a lousy rate to fans. so how can children and young people score when it comes to their savings? As the Premier League kicks off, Fulham … Continue reading

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