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When it comes to gen Y’s future finances…where does the buck stop?

A leading think tank has continued to pile pressure on David Cameron to be kinder to generation Y. So who – and what – will ultimately be responsible for young people’s future prosperity? IONA BAIN More than seventy years ago, … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Shops incentivise staff to sell YOU store credit despite its role in surging personal debt

Iona Bain The days when pushy staff used to flog store cards at the till were thought to be over, following a clampdown on aggressive sales tactics and immediate discounts for signing up. But new research and employee testimonies show … Continue reading

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Young Money Show launches on Share Radio!

Iona Bain & Georgie Frost co-hosted the first weekly programme between 9 and 10 a.m. today as part of the station’s Consumer show Iona kicked off with her own moneysaving tip wash your clothes on 30 c not 90c ‘because … Continue reading

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Should everyone really get their pension at the same time?

IONA BAIN REPORTING FOR THE HERALD Many youngsters today will have no choice but to work longer and retire later. That will be the inevitable upshot of this year’s Autumn Statement, which revealed plans to place the state pension age … Continue reading

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A company that targets unemployed students – and why the payday loan damage has already been done

Britain’s financial watchdog has published its long awaited report into how payday loan companies should be kept in check. But is it a case of too little, too late? Iona Bain The payday loan has become the product that we … Continue reading


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Twenty Somethings & Their Money

This infographic reveals the results of research into how Britons in their 20s view the financial opportunities and threats they face. It’s based on research I contributed to last year and covers what young people think about pensions, how they … Continue reading


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What to consider BEFORE you invest – guest tips from Nutmeg

I was recently contacted on Twitter by a young lady who wanted to know more about Nutmeg, an online investment manager. As well as giving her my own views on whether investing is ever suitable for young people, I thought … Continue reading

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Are parents doing enough to teach their children about money?

Iona Bain MY LATEST COLUMN ON INVESTING AND SAVING FOR YOUNGSTERS – READ ON I recently contributed to a BBC2 Scotland documentary about money issues for young people. When asked to talk on-camera about budgeting, I suggested that children should … Continue reading

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Why money is the subject to REALLY master when you’re at school

Here are my short and (hopefully) sweet thoughts on why I think young people should get to grips with money, if nothing else, while they’re at school. It ties into a highly enterprising scheme I’m involved with called Money 4 … Continue reading

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Scottish schools urged to put teacher in charge of finance education

Iona Bain SAturday 16 February 2013 THE Coalition Government’s plans to make money lessons compulsory in England come four years after the Scottish Government vowed to build a curriculum that would instil some financial wisdom in younger generations. Financial education … Continue reading

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