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A company that targets unemployed students – and why the payday loan damage has already been done

Britain’s financial watchdog has published its long awaited report into how payday loan companies should be kept in check. But is it a case of too little, too late? Iona Bain The payday loan has become the product that we … Continue reading


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The rise of the virtual university

My latest column for Baillie Gifford – this month, I’m discussing whether the virtual university will ever replace the real thing, given the VERY persuasive financial upsides… Iona Bain If you were asked to conjure up a picture of university, … Continue reading

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Why money is the subject to REALLY master when you’re at school

Here are my short and (hopefully) sweet thoughts on why I think young people should get to grips with money, if nothing else, while they’re at school. It ties into a highly enterprising scheme I’m involved with called Money 4 … Continue reading

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Scottish schools urged to put teacher in charge of finance education

Iona Bain SAturday 16 February 2013 THE Coalition Government’s plans to make money lessons compulsory in England come four years after the Scottish Government vowed to build a curriculum that would instil some financial wisdom in younger generations. Financial education … Continue reading

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Going…going…gone! You have to act quick if you want to earn free money

Young savers need to be speedy if they want to earn free money for switching their current account – genuinely good deals don’t hang around for long by Iona Bain So I knew that the Co-op were onto something last … Continue reading

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