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How much do students rely on payday loans and how they can get out of a debt spiral?

Thousands of students could be directed to payday lenders by a growing pack of online brokers based overseas, as a new report warns that undergraduates are becoming resigned to debt. BY IONA BAIn The National Union of Students has stepped … Continue reading

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The campaign for credit unions is gathering pace…

Iona Bain I’m not one for flashy infographics but one of the biggest forces for good in our society has to be the good old credit union, so happy to share this factsheet in order to fight the good fight. … Continue reading

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How young people can avoid a toxic debt trap

In association with Wilson Field By Iona Bain We may be finally pulling out of a painful recession, but are we turbocharging the recovery with worrying levels of debt? Forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility seem to suggest so, … Continue reading

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Are you worrying about a New Year debt hangover? If so, read on…

IONA BAIN FOR THE HERALD A worrying new survey has found the majority of Scots, 55%, are getting used to living beyond their means, typically spending £119 that they do not have each month. Over a third now view their … Continue reading

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Has the short-term credit market reached a new low with ‘Loans for Poor People’?

Online loan companies and brokers are using tawdry tactics to try and attract vulnerable customers – what can we do to make sure this doesn’t have terrible consequences? by iona bain New rules were ushered in this year to ensure … Continue reading


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What to consider BEFORE you invest – guest tips from Nutmeg

I was recently contacted on Twitter by a young lady who wanted to know more about Nutmeg, an online investment manager. As well as giving her my own views on whether investing is ever suitable for young people, I thought … Continue reading

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A graduate’s guide for survival

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE DAILY MAIL by IONA BAIN Thousands have been celebrating the end of a degree course this summer and are looking forward to life after university. But whether you’ve graduated  yourself or have a child or grandchild … Continue reading

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The (Ir)responsible Practices of Payday Loan Companies

It’s the controversy that won’t go away – are payday lenders overstepping the mark to gain more business? And are young people becoming the most notable victims of their practices? Today, two worrying stories have emerged about these firms – … Continue reading

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How using your mobile to call up extra cash can seriously damage your wonga

WHEN LOAN SHARKS GET CHIC, IT’S TIME TO STAY AWAY FROM THE WATER, SO TRY SAFER WAYS OF STRETCHING YOUR £ TILL PAYDAY By IONA BAIN Like Aloe Blacc, do you need a dollar? Don’t turn to your good old … Continue reading


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