Some lovely Amphitheatre photos to enjoy…

Hello youngmoney fans,

So I was confined to my bed in the past couple of days due to a horrible virus, but am now back on the mend and wish to mark my return by sharing a lovely set of photos with you.

Recently, I wrote about the Kelvingrove Amphitheatre and bandstand, a quirky site in the heart of Glasgow’s West End which was once a thriving civic and cultural hub and became a dilapidated wreck, with calls for restoration falling on deaf ears…until now.

I was very happy to hear the site is now earmarked for a lavish restoration, possibly so it can play a part in the city’s Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Well, a local campaigner drew my attention to a project  undertaken to show what a magical, strange and unique place this is. Candles were dotted all over the amphitheatre seats, lights beamed up onto the stage, while an image of the bandstand in its heyday was projected onto the side of it’s wall.

Lovely shot taken by ‘ Erin Catherine Mackenzie’ of the Installation.

This shot was taken by Erin Catherine Mackenzie, but you can find more pictures of the project, and generally of the amphitheatre/bandstand, on this flickr account from photographer Cameron King.


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