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Iona Bain

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Iona Bain is the founder of the Young Money Blog, the first and only blog absolutely dedicated to young people’s finances.

The success of the blog recently led to Iona being named Money Blogger of the Year at the Santander Financial Journalism Awards. It also sparked a book deal with publishing house Hardie Grant and her debut  – Spare Change – was published in 2016. Named one of the top five feminist books of 2016 by the Independent, it was described as “an important read” by Baroness Altmann, consumer champion and former government minister, and has earned rave reviews from readers. You can find out more and buy your copy here.

Iona appears regularly on television and radio to discuss financial issues and how they affect young people. She is now also senior broadcast journalist with the BBC, reporting and producing reports for Radio 4 Current Affairs and will soon be fronting her first video for the BBC Homepage on the top things 18 year olds need to know about money. She presented her first documentary on Radio 4 recently, all about financial education – you can listen to it here – and will be guesting on Late Night Woman’s Hour with Lauren Laverne in early 2018.

Other media appearances have included ITV Tonight, where she provided advice to the public on Brexit, and BBC Breakfast, where she commented on the housing market. She has also spoken about money issues on Sky News,  Radio 5 live, Radio 4’s Broadcasting House, Radio 1 Sunday Surgery, Channel 4 News, BBC Scotland and Max Keiser Report on RT. You can see Iona in action here.

Iona is a busy freelance journalist. Her work has featured in featuring in the Times, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, Prospect Magazine Money Mail and Daily Telegraph. Her online appearances include the Mirror Online, Spectator Money, the New Statesman, the Independent and many others. She is also a regular personal finance writer for the Herald newspaper in her native Scotland. You can find out more about her freelance journalism here.

Iona speaks at conferences and public events throughout the year, giving her time to causes like personal finance education and young enterprise. You can find out more about her speaking engagements here.

In 2017, she set up the Young Money Agency with her dad, the multi award-winning writer Simon Bain. To commission work through YMA, please email youngmoneyagency@gmail.com and take a closer look at the new Young Money Agency here. 

Iona is also a musician who writes songs, plays piano and performs regularly in orchestras as a cellist. You can find her songs at soundcloud.com/ionabain. Last but not least, she is a proud (possibly even fanatical) redhead and enjoys being a token ginger in TV and print advertising whenever she gets the chance, thanks to her occasional work with Broadcasting Agency.

Iona says:

“Hello! Thank you for visiting the Young Money Blog! I‘m a fairly normal 20 something girl who can be a tad impulsive, hates maths and NEVER dreamed I’d end up writing about money.

So how did it happen? Well, you may have noticed the pink piggybank as my logo – it contains the secret as to why I’m here.

You see, I had a pink piggybank after I left university. I graduated during the financial crisis, when young people were really starting to struggle with their money.

It was during this time that I was working as a musician, stuffing all my gig earnings over many months (totalling hundreds of pounds) into my precious piggybank.

But guess what? My pig was STOLEN – in a break-in at my parents’ house, where I was living at the time.

That was when I realised I needed to become savvier with my moolah. I decided to switch tracks and start a blog all about young people’s finances in 2011.

Six years later and I have never looked back. Thankfully, the only piggybanks I deal with now are the cute ones that appear on this blog – I’ve realised there are far better ways to manage, save and grow your money. I think all young people, regardless of background or personality, should have the chance to learn how to deal with money. It affects us all very deeply, for better or worse, and it is amazing how many young people can reach adulthood without knowing even the very basics.

I want to try and help in whatever small way I can, not just by providing information but also shining a light on the financial industry, discussing the Big Issues and finding new & accessible ways to tackle important issues. Please look around, subscribe and tell your friends if you get anything out of it!”

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