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MONEY FT LISA AND PENSIONS ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION L-R Michael Johnson research fellow with the centre for policy studies, Ros Altmann former pensions minister, Iona Bain journalist and Tom McPhail- head of retirement policy with Hargreaves Lansdown at the FT offices, London. Credit: David Parry/ FT


Iona Bain has written extensively about personal finance and business for national newspapers but has also covered topics ranging from human interest and health to skincare and even mattress reviews (you at the back…stop laughing!) As a journalist, she has been shortlisted for several awards, including Rising Star of the Year and Freelance Journalist of the Year.

She has appeared in almost all national newspaper titles and scores of websites, including:

  • The Times
  • The Sunday Times
  • The Mail on Sunday
  • Money Mail (Daily Mail)
  • Mirror Online
  • Spectator Money
  • New Statesman Blog
  • Prospect Magazine
  • The Financial Times

As a Scot, she is also proud to be a regular personal finance writer for the Herald newspaper, covering money issues that affect Scots every fortnight. She is always interested in hearing from anyone with a Scottish take on personal finance or business.

If you want to commission Iona to do editorial journalism, please use the contact form below. If you are a potential corporate client who wants a winning team to undertake some work for you, please have a look at the new Young Money Agency page or email 

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