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Students – what’s the strangest purchase you’ve ever made?

Iona Bain A BUST OF ELVIS, A MONK’S ROBE AND KANGAROO STEAKS – THE NATION’S SECRET STUDENT SHOPPING LIST REVEALED One in five students has bought at least one unusual item with their student loan The same number admit to … Continue reading

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Preparing for the financial quagmire that is university

Iona Bain Are parents doing enough to prepare their children for the financial minefield that is university life? That is the unavoidable question triggered by recent research from education firm Blackbullion, which found that 51 per cent of undergraduates have, … Continue reading

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Black Friday, weddings, getting paid to do a degree and switching from the courtroom to the jewellery studio: this week on Young Money, Young Rights

The expense of weddings, and how a barrister switched careers and became a jewellery-maker to the stars, were in the spotlight this morning as the weekly Young Money Young Rights show, co-presented by Iona, went on air at Share Radio. … Continue reading

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Weird and wonderful funding still available for cash-strapped students (from the Sunday Times)

Iona Bain AS FRESHERS get into the swing of university life, their families may still be fretting about how to pay for it with university tuition fees of up to £9,000 a year. However, vegetarians, Welsh speakers, Santander shareholders, and … Continue reading

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University challenge: why students must be brutal when choosing their degree

New students are just shaking off their hangovers from Freshers Week, but for their parents the worry about how to pay for university has only just begun. So this may be a good time to remind ourselves of the ‘great … Continue reading

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Help is at hand for students who are fudgeting their budgeting…

You may have seen my recent feature on FOMO-affected students who are overspending to keep up with the Joneses (or should that be  the Kardashians?!)…You may be a student who is struggling to keep that urge to splurge under the … Continue reading

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How much do students rely on payday loans and how they can get out of a debt spiral?

Thousands of students could be directed to payday lenders by a growing pack of online brokers based overseas, as a new report warns that undergraduates are becoming resigned to debt. BY IONA BAIn The National Union of Students has stepped … Continue reading

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Why grandparents can be a financial lifeline for the younger generation…

By Iona Bain When I started my blog three years ago, nobody was really talking about how the downturn would affect young people. I remember reading the occasional newspaper column that highlighted the toxic economic environment ahead of us. I … Continue reading

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The rise of the virtual university

My latest column for Baillie Gifford – this month, I’m discussing whether the virtual university will ever replace the real thing, given the VERY persuasive financial upsides… Iona Bain If you were asked to conjure up a picture of university, … Continue reading

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How much will it REALLY cost a student to insure their laptop?

Students who want to protect their precious gadgets need to examine the true price of proper insurance – so what can students do to safeguard their belongings? by Iona Bain So you have a clutch of great A-levels, you’ve been … Continue reading


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