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Hey extreme spender; what an unwanted letter from tells us about our ‘buy now pay later’ culture

IONA BAIN Have you ever seen a coat, pair of shoes, shirt or bag – and felt love at first sight? Isn’t it wonderful? We all catch fashion fever sometimes and resistance is futile. We just have to have that … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Shops incentivise staff to sell YOU store credit despite its role in surging personal debt

Iona Bain The days when pushy staff used to flog store cards at the till were thought to be over, following a clampdown on aggressive sales tactics and immediate discounts for signing up. But new research and employee testimonies show … Continue reading

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How to woo that special someone without breaking the bank–latest from Helen Lawless

One of our young money voices, HELEN LAWLESS, is back with some ingenious tips about low-cost dating Dating someone is great, obviously, but it does entail a whole load of expenses you don’t have to concern yourself with when you’re … Continue reading

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Why energy prices have been rising – and what YOU can do about them

BY Iona Bain AND MIKE YOUNIE Energy prices have been a major talking point in the media recently – little wonder, when both households and politicians appear to be obsessed with this rather heated debate. Pardon the pun! In recent … Continue reading

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The vital opportunity totally missed by Zoella and other beauty vloggers

cOULD vloggers USE their immense INFLUENCE TO DISCUSS THE MATERIALISTIC PRESSURES FACED BY YOUNG PEOPLE? IONA BAIN It’s hard to comprehend a time when the internet didn’t completely dominate our existence. When I was a teenager, the internet was just … Continue reading

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Dealing with social pressures to spend: a few suggestions

Iona Bain Picture the scene: it’s Friday night and your friends want to go out to a bar or a fancy new restaurant.  But you’re not sure if you can afford it – perhaps you’ve been splashing out a bit … Continue reading

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The problem with moneysaving apps

While some moneysaving apps can be genuinely handy, others might encourage you to spend unnecessarily or change your shopping habits. I examine the pitfalls of these downloads and point you towards (in my humble opinion) genuinely helpful apps. By Iona … Continue reading

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Food for thought: how to stop waste in Food Bank Britain

  The Young Money Blog is embarking on a campaign to keep a lid on food costs and wastage. So many young people can play their part in making the most of what they’ve got in the cupboard – so … Continue reading


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Are you worrying about a New Year debt hangover? If so, read on…

IONA BAIN FOR THE HERALD A worrying new survey has found the majority of Scots, 55%, are getting used to living beyond their means, typically spending £119 that they do not have each month. Over a third now view their … Continue reading

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Is Lady Gaga and the like taking young fans for a ride?

As One Direction and Lady Gaga are set to cash in on their newest projects, I look at the marketing techniques deployed by the entertainment industry, and ask whether it is financially exploiting young fans by IONA BAIN Why has … Continue reading

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