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GENERAL ELECTION 2015: The Hashtag Revolution and why the Twitter generation is one to be reckoned with

As the General Election campaign kicks off today, Helen Lawless looks at what young people stand to gain financially from voting. By Helen Lawless Twitter has proved that young people are a political force to be reckoned with. Young people … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: BLAIR INC. The Man Behind The Mask

by SIMON BAIN We part with convention here on the blog by publishing a fascinating review of a new book about Tony Blair, written by Simon Bain, personal finance editor at the Herald newspaper. Read on to discover what the … Continue reading

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PENSION FREEDOMS: Can we open up pension pots to help first-time buyers?

I’ve been talking about some new research from now: pensions on local radio stations all over the country today. the findings are controversial and should reinvigorate the debate on how to get young people thinking about their future. so what’s … Continue reading

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BUDGET 2015: What’s the state of play for young finances today?

As the Budget gets underway today, you’re almost certainly wondering how Mr Osborne’s red box of delights will affect you and your personal finances in the near future. Now seems as good a time as any to take a rain … Continue reading

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The gender gap in STEM subjects – and why it matters

The latest study from the OECD has confirmed that girls are still underperforming in STEM subjects in school, predominantly due to lack of confidence. And the UK is one of the worst performers overall. But how does this play out? … Continue reading

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How to avoid waste in Foodbank Britain; the joys of homecooking

By Iona Bain Last year, I looked at why food banks have become commonplace in modern Britain – what is it due to a real fall in living standards? Difficulties in finding worthwhile jobs that put food on the table? … Continue reading


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Zero hour = zero ethics? The tricky politics of short-term working contracts

By Helen Lawless ACCORDING TO SCOTTISH FIENDLY, unemployed people have 9.3 per cent of income left over after essentials are paid for – compared to 7.8 per cent for zero-hour workers. What does this mean for Britain’s army of young … Continue reading

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Autumn Statement, rapping, money mentors and the joys of a packed lunch; this week on Share Radio

Young money mentors – two 14-year-old high school pupils from Lancashire – were the star guests invited by Iona onto on this morning’s Young Money Young Rights on Share Radio! Co-presenter Iona also looked at this week’s autumn statement by … Continue reading

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Credit unions are for life–not just for Christmas!

Iona Bain CREDIT unions are for life, not just for Christmas. That’s the message from the Scottish League of Credit Unions, which is concerned its 31-strong network has been misrepresented as an alternative to the payday loan sector and a … Continue reading

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Why auto-enrolment isn’t enough to defuse the pensions timebomb

Iona Bain It is often talked about as a ticking time bomb: too few workers saving too little for their retirement. And we are all supposed to be living longer than ever before – so who is going to pay … Continue reading

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