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Louise Farrand: passing the pensions buck

I wrote about the tomorrowland of public finances on the blog last week – now read Louise Farrand of Pensions Insight echo my thoughts entirely… Without urgent action, Generation Y will be landed with the bill for their parents’ excesses … Continue reading

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Let them eat… Marxist theory?

Should universities be pushing students away from the milkround and if so…what towards? by Helen Lawless In a recent opinion piece on the Guardian George Monbiot lambasts graduates for taking entry positions in soulless corporations such as management consultancies, investment … Continue reading

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When it comes to gen Y’s future finances…where does the buck stop?

A leading think tank has continued to pile pressure on David Cameron to be kinder to generation Y. So who – and what – will ultimately be responsible for young people’s future prosperity? IONA BAIN More than seventy years ago, … Continue reading

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NEW REPORT: Think tank says purge of tax reliefs is needed to lift burden on Generation Y

Iona Bain Hundreds of tax perks offered to savers and investors could be on the line in five years time as the new Conservative government is urged to confront the public debt bill facing tomorrow’s taxpayers. The Centre for Policy … Continue reading

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Consumer champion will drive further reforms to savings and pensions

Iona Bain David Cameron has taken the unprecedented step of bringing an independent financial campaigner into his cabinet, suggesting that the new Conservative government will be open to yet more radical reforms of pensions and savings over the next five … Continue reading

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Consumers want new government to tackle tax avoidance

Iona Bain Tackling corporate tax avoidance is set to become a primary issue for the new Westminster government, as it emerges that three million shoppers are now boycotting firms who do not pay their ‘fair share’. Data seen exclusively by … Continue reading

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Students–don’t miss out on free funding this year!

by Iona Bain Scottish students could miss out on thousands of pounds offered through independent scholarships just as colleges prepare to see their bursary budgets slashed by £7m. The Scholarship Hub website has revealed that many of this year’s freshers … Continue reading

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GENERAL ELECTION 2015: The Hashtag Revolution and why the Twitter generation is one to be reckoned with

As the General Election campaign kicks off today, Helen Lawless looks at what young people stand to gain financially from voting. By Helen Lawless Twitter has proved that young people are a political force to be reckoned with. Young people … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: BLAIR INC. The Man Behind The Mask

by SIMON BAIN We part with convention here on the blog by publishing a fascinating review of a new book about Tony Blair, written by Simon Bain, personal finance editor at the Herald newspaper. Read on to discover what the … Continue reading

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PENSION FREEDOMS: Can we open up pension pots to help first-time buyers?

I’ve been talking about some new research from now: pensions on local radio stations all over the country today. the findings are controversial and should reinvigorate the debate on how to get young people thinking about their future. so what’s … Continue reading

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