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Generation Pause, Candy Crush Saga, financial education and doing what makes your heart sing; this week on the Young Money show

Forget Candy Crush Saga, what about the latest app that teaches young people something about finance? On this morning’s Young Money show on Share Radio, co-host Iona talked about Generation Pause and led a studio discussion on how youngsters can … Continue reading

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Why auto-enrolment isn’t enough to defuse the pensions timebomb

Iona Bain It is often talked about as a ticking time bomb: too few workers saving too little for their retirement. And we are all supposed to be living longer than ever before – so who is going to pay … Continue reading

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Can we take care of the world while taking care of our finances?

IONA BAIN You don’t need to go all hippie to care about ethical finance… SCOTS are being asked to consider the moral implications of their financial decisions as part of a national drive to encourage ethical saving and investing. Religious … Continue reading

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20 Tips From 20 Pensions Experts – How To Retire With A Good Pension: In association with Dam Good Pensions

By dam good pensions with iona bain We would all love to have a DAM good pension when we retire, but how do we go about getting that pension pot we can be happy with? Well, here at DAM we … Continue reading

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Special report: Will Scotland be better off going solo? PART II

IONA BAIN In the concluding part of this special report on Scottish independence, the Young Money Blog looks at the potential implications of a yes vote for Scotland’s pensioners – current AND future (yep, that includes us young folks!) Burning … Continue reading

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How can we expect young people to take financial responsibility when…

My column for Financial Adviser “Iona Bain, a voice not unfamiliar to FA readers, is one of the most perceptive and intelligent in the retail financial space…” A powerful perception has taken root in the British psyche, and it will … Continue reading

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Should everyone really get their pension at the same time?

IONA BAIN REPORTING FOR THE HERALD Many youngsters today will have no choice but to work longer and retire later. That will be the inevitable upshot of this year’s Autumn Statement, which revealed plans to place the state pension age … Continue reading

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Are ambitious pension goals realistic…or demoralising?

As auto-enrolment creeps up on young workers, should we resolve to make more active decisions about our financial future…or leave it up to fate? Iona bain The swirl of negative headlines surrounding the pensions industry, the latest being the £1.4m … Continue reading

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Twenty Somethings & Their Money

This infographic reveals the results of research into how Britons in their 20s view the financial opportunities and threats they face. It’s based on research I contributed to last year and covers what young people think about pensions, how they … Continue reading


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What do young people REALLY think about pensions and retirement?

Iona Bain was a judge of this year’s Baillie Gifford’s Young Writers’ Competition and discusses what some of the essays indicate about youngsters’ attitude to retirement. Would you ever ask a young person when they plan to retire, or how … Continue reading


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