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Don’t let your dream trip turn into a financial nightmare

The Easter and May bank holiday weekends could see thousands of Scots booking last-minute holidays, if they haven’t already planned a trip abroad or “staycation”. But those of us planning a break from the day-to-day grind can easily forget to … Continue reading

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Is Lady Gaga and the like taking young fans for a ride?

As One Direction and Lady Gaga are set to cash in on their newest projects, I look at the marketing techniques deployed by the entertainment industry, and ask whether it is financially exploiting young fans by IONA BAIN Why has … Continue reading

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Cheap things to do in London – the Alternative Tour

IONA BAIN So many bright young things gravitate towards London. Yet their budgets can severely restrict their ability to sample the city’s often pricey leisure industry. The cost of basic living in the capital can drain most of our income, … Continue reading

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