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Let them eat… Marxist theory?

Should universities be pushing students away from the milkround and if so…what towards? by Helen Lawless In a recent opinion piece on the Guardian George Monbiot lambasts graduates for taking entry positions in soulless corporations such as management consultancies, investment … Continue reading

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How can I earn money at 13?

Calling all teenagers – here is my first piece written especially for you. Whether you’re dreaming of big bucks or simply a little bit more pocket money, here are some suggestions on how to beef up your earnings. You can … Continue reading

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The gender gap in STEM subjects – and why it matters

The latest study from the OECD has confirmed that girls are still underperforming in STEM subjects in school, predominantly due to lack of confidence. And the UK is one of the worst performers overall. But how does this play out? … Continue reading

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Zero hour = zero ethics? The tricky politics of short-term working contracts

By Helen Lawless ACCORDING TO SCOTTISH FIENDLY, unemployed people have 9.3 per cent of income left over after essentials are paid for – compared to 7.8 per cent for zero-hour workers. What does this mean for Britain’s army of young … Continue reading

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Why auto-enrolment isn’t enough to defuse the pensions timebomb

Iona Bain It is often talked about as a ticking time bomb: too few workers saving too little for their retirement. And we are all supposed to be living longer than ever before – so who is going to pay … Continue reading

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Why do bad interviews happen to good candidates? Part 1

By David Graves Few people can honestly say they’ve never replayed a faux pas in their head and groaned: “What was I thinking?” Everyone has moments they wish they could travel back in time to and change. But if the … Continue reading

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Cyber-bullying, rapping about money and the professions that desperately need YOU!

The Young Money Show on Share Radio took off in style today as Iona aired a clip from a young people’s radio station in Manchester and a cool money management rap! She also welcomed guests to talk about a money … Continue reading

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University challenge: why students must be brutal when choosing their degree

New students are just shaking off their hangovers from Freshers Week, but for their parents the worry about how to pay for university has only just begun. So this may be a good time to remind ourselves of the ‘great … Continue reading

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Another victim of intergenerational warfare speaks out; inspiring words for the downtrodden young

On Thursday 14th August, newspaper readers found themselves wondering whether 20 somethings represent the “complacent generation”, thanks to an article which criticised the fantastical mentality of young bloggers. It was yet another futile missive in the phoney intergenerational war, which … Continue reading

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The REAL impact of London’s housing crisis on young workers–and our economy

Young workers could leave London in their droves due to its housing crisis – but this situation might present a silver lining to other regions in the UK iona bain Recently, a Panorama programme and spate of new statistics were … Continue reading

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