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Consumers want new government to tackle tax avoidance

Iona Bain Tackling corporate tax avoidance is set to become a primary issue for the new Westminster government, as it emerges that three million shoppers are now boycotting firms who do not pay their ‘fair share’. Data seen exclusively by … Continue reading

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LETTER on how to cut wedding costs

I READ with interest your article the rising cost of weddings (“Spiralling cost of the bug day putting hole in our pockets”, The Herald, April 18). The enormous cost of weddings is no surprise, and given the publicity surrounding Andy … Continue reading

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BUDGET 2015: What’s the state of play for young finances today?

As the Budget gets underway today, you’re almost certainly wondering how Mr Osborne’s red box of delights will affect you and your personal finances in the near future. Now seems as good a time as any to take a rain … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Shops incentivise staff to sell YOU store credit despite its role in surging personal debt

Iona Bain The days when pushy staff used to flog store cards at the till were thought to be over, following a clampdown on aggressive sales tactics and immediate discounts for signing up. But new research and employee testimonies show … Continue reading

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How to avoid waste in Foodbank Britain; the joys of homecooking

By Iona Bain Last year, I looked at why food banks have become commonplace in modern Britain – what is it due to a real fall in living standards? Difficulties in finding worthwhile jobs that put food on the table? … Continue reading


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Why has a wonder treatment for acne disappeared from pharmacies? EXCLUSIVE for the Daily Mail

By Iona Bain As a consumer journalist, I’m always on the hunt for cracking deals so that I can shave a few pounds off my shopping bill. But when it comes to skincare, cost considerations don’t apply. I’ve bought countless … Continue reading

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Are you letting your money wither away in a ‘scrapheap’ account?

By Iona Bain The financial regulator is finally cracking down on high street banks who have let a huge swathe of our savings wither away in scrapheap accounts that earn as little as 0.1 per cent. Half of the nation’s … Continue reading

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Students – what’s the strangest purchase you’ve ever made?

Iona Bain A BUST OF ELVIS, A MONK’S ROBE AND KANGAROO STEAKS – THE NATION’S SECRET STUDENT SHOPPING LIST REVEALED One in five students has bought at least one unusual item with their student loan The same number admit to … Continue reading

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Investigation: is customer satisfaction REALLY improving at Britain’s big banks?

One of the UK’s biggest banking trade unions has claimed that a “performance rating bias” against branch staff of Lloyds Banking Group is proof that a sales-driven culture still dominates retail banking. iona bain The allegation, made by Lloyds Trade … Continue reading

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Young Money’s special CHRISTMAS episode–what went down?

Making Christmas a time for giving rather than just buying presents was the theme of Iona’s festive Young Money show on Share Radio this morning. She welcomed to the studio guests from Triodos Bank and Care International – whose scheme … Continue reading

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