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Is paying off a mortgage always cheaper than renting?

by Iona Bain Many hardworking young adults feel their choices over housing have been taken away from them, and it’s a status quo that David Cameron is not happy with – at least, in principle. In a speech to his … Continue reading

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What can parents do to teach children financial wisdom? Some quick tips from an education expert

VIVI FRIEDGUT   The happy family from “Knocked Up” and “This is 40” Vivi Friedgut is the managing director of independent financial education company Blackbullion and author of Money Smarter – a family guide to finances. Here she offers some … Continue reading

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Cheap things to do in London–PART II

by iona bain This blog has already looked at one offbeat way to see London. But if the East End’s street art scene is a little too unorthodox for your tastes, there is another, more traditional institution that can rival … Continue reading

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What to consider BEFORE you invest – guest tips from Nutmeg

I was recently contacted on Twitter by a young lady who wanted to know more about Nutmeg, an online investment manager. As well as giving her my own views on whether investing is ever suitable for young people, I thought … Continue reading

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