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How much will it REALLY cost a student to insure their laptop?

Students who want to protect their precious gadgets need to examine the true price of proper insurance – so what can students do to safeguard their belongings? by Iona Bain So you have a clutch of great A-levels, you’ve been … Continue reading


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Freshers, listen up: forget the lame freebies from banks. Focus on getting a reasonable overdraft on your student account

Banks are downgrading the freebies you get on student accounts but all that matters is the size and cost of your overdraft. But don’t go borrowing too much – here, I explain why. By iona bain If you are one … Continue reading


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Iona’s comment: festival woes can only be a good thing for young music fans

In this occasional series, Iona comments on what’s in the news and what it means for you. This week, the BBC suggests the heyday of festivals may be over. Amidst all the anarchy in London this week, one very interesting … Continue reading

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Footie and cash might not make for a dream team–so what should youngsters do with their savings?

many SAVINGS ACCOUNTS LINKED TO FOOTBALL CLUBS ARE raking in the cash but paying a lousy rate to fans. so how can children and young people score when it comes to their savings? As the Premier League kicks off, Fulham … Continue reading

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How using your mobile to call up extra cash can seriously damage your wonga

WHEN LOAN SHARKS GET CHIC, IT’S TIME TO STAY AWAY FROM THE WATER, SO TRY SAFER WAYS OF STRETCHING YOUR £ TILL PAYDAY By IONA BAIN Like Aloe Blacc, do you need a dollar? Don’t turn to your good old … Continue reading


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